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Brochures are very strong marketing tools and one of the most effective ways to distribute information about your company's products and services. Either in person or through the mail, a full color glossy brochure can define your company and enhance your professional image. Our high quality designs coupled with professional copywriting, photography and/or illustrations will only help your company outshine the competition - "professionalism sells!"

Brochures have different paper stock options. Your stock selection should be dependent on the budget, images, audience, preference, and volume needed for distribution. First decide between thin or thick, (text or cover weights) and choose your method of delivery. Will you mass mail, or manually distribute? If a high end image is especially important, consider heavier cover stocks. If mass mailing is your desire, then folded brochures are effective. For full color brochures, we recommend gloss finishes for brightest and highest contrast of all your colors and hues and the photo quality on the images.

Our 3 Most Popular Stocks for Brochures:
- 70# Offset
- 80# Gloss Text
- 100# Gloss Text
3 Popular Sizes
- 8.5" x 11"
- 8.5" x 14"
- 11" x 17"
Yes, we do have countless other stock options and also other sizes available.
All immediately offered by custom quote.

Mailing Services:
Experts at target mailing, reaching that specific customer; we here at LPB offer free estimates for this additional service. If you plan ahead your marketing and distribution prior to your printing, we can help you select a mailing service (standard or priority mail) and pre-print the proper indicia onto your piece; our indicia is free for our customers. With this advanced planning, we can provide you the lowest mailing rates available, for the most economical reach to your prospects and orders. See our Mailing Services section to learn even more.

Graphic Design Services:
A professional appearance is key to standing apart from your competition. See our Graphic Design section to learn more about the possibilities, and see more examples from our talented staff over the past few decades.

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