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Door Hangers, Hangers, as the words suggest are printed products (paper or plastic) which "hang" on door knobs mostly, yet can have other uses as well.

Popular here at LPB are our Full Color Door Hangers for Service Business! Landscapers and other contractors promote throughout neighborhoods and provide season specials and offers.

A hanger is also effective in a shower for self-exams or even a breakfast menu hanging also in a shower at a hotel. As a backer card; it can display a button (point of purchase) to create a hanging display. They can even host door lock inserts.

Door Hangers are very effective "attempted delivery" notices or "sorry we missed you's," any hanging message, when obvious impact or exposure is required. Politicans can have door to door targeted reach, parking permits can be available as rear view mirror hangers, Lawn Maintenance notices work very well; The uses are many, the effectiveness great.

These powerfulads can be designed with tear off magnets, coupons, business cards, etc... and can return business to you again and again. Choose your use, quantity, and budget to help narrow down your selection.

Many Suggested Uses... To Name a Few!

• Hotel Offers and Services • Corporate Promotions • Parking Permits
• Health Care Market • Insurance Flyers • Election Flyers
• Pharmacy 24-Hour Hotline • Library Reading Programs • Sorry We Missed You..
• Personalized Team Boards • Trade Shows • Door Lock Inserts
• College Dorm Rooms • Zoos, Museums, Art Centers • Notices of Important Dates
• Financial Planning • School Fundraisers • Real Estate Flyers