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Are these envelopes printed offset or digitally?
When it comes to Short Run Full Color, we utilize customized digital laser printers which render the look and feel of offset. You will be hard pressed to notice any discernible difference from ink. Unlike other digital envelope printers, we offer full 1200 x 1200 DPI, not 1200 x 600. We can hold extremely fine lines, gradations, and tints that others can not. Long runs, Offset Printing is also our specialty.

Can you really turn my job around in 24 hours?
We can provide express service for your envelope order for an additional fee. Digitally printed envelopes can generally be finished within 24 hours. If you're looking for express service, please specify with your order.

Can you match PMS colors?
We offer the same PMS color emulation as ink-based CMYK, which means there are certain PMS colors which are outside the available color gamut. Even though exact matches are not always possible, accurate color is achieved about 98% of the time. Free press proofs are available at no obligation, so you always have the opportunity to approve the color prior to printing. PMS matching is not available with rush service.

Can you print on linen and laid finishes?
Yes, but when laid is requested 'Image Finish Laid' offers the best results.

We don't need four-color envelopes. Do you print one and two color envelopes?
When Digitally Printed, we utilize the CMYK process, every envelope we print is technically four colors and is priced accordingly. However, our CMYK pricing on short-run one and two color jobs is often equal to or cheaper than offset printing. Longer Runs once again are always more economical on offset printing.

What file format do you require?
For Digital Printing, we request a CMYK 'Press Quality' (high-res) PDF sized to the envelope dimensions, without crops or outlines. Bleeds (left and/or right only) require special formatting - ask for guidance. See our other File Submission Guidelines for other file requirements, or higher us the professionals to prepare your artwork.

Are there any types of envelopes you can't print?
The following can't be printed digitally: weights above 28/70 lb, metallic or plastic, Tyvek, clasp and grommet closures and foil lined envelopes. Even offset printed, many of these types are a problem.. Specialty quotes available if it can be printed.