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Pads Are A Great Way To Advertise...
on a desk, a file cabinet, or a refrigerator, Pads have a multitude of uses.

Pads are popular in single through full color. Pads come in all shapes, sizes, and applications. Very popular on a desk, or on the go... Most often we sell them with magnetic attachments so they can remain in plain sight on a file cabinet or refrigerator.

As a sticky back pad, notes easily post onto all surfaces, or ad cubes, which are multi-sheet and provide a years worth of advertising; A GREAT desk accessory as well. Pads attached to Magnetic Business Cards are a duo advertising piece, and Calendar Pad attachments to magnets, again provide multiple uses. Mouse Pads as a pad and also a calendar is also a multi tool desk accessory. Spiral-Bound Pads, Scratch Pads and Post-It Booklets are also popular. Ad Cubes are a great desk accessory as well and have many sheets to promote a years worth of advertising.

So many uses for Pads...

If you are a Medical Professional, Writing Prescriptions, or an Accountant, Lawyer, Teacher, Executive, Contractor, Realtor, Mother, Student, or Retail Store Owner; we all use Pads throughout a day as part of our daily routine!