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Heads up! Among the overwhelming, large selection of sporty caps to choose from, we have tried to narrow down your choices to some of the most popular movers. Caps, visors, beanies, etc.. are a fashionable way to mobilize your brand. All of these represent a brand, and at the same time provide warmth and a fashion statement. These are among the several popular uses of head wear.

Although screen printing is available on 5 panel hats, Embroidery is more popular here at LPB. The quality of the logo is significantly better with embroidery as your decorating method. We will screen print, but do not consider this the highest quality available here at LPB. 6 panel and knit beanies are all sewn (embroidered) items.

Since taste and preference will come into play, we recommend in your searching go for the look of the hat first, the decorating method preferred (screen printing or embroidery) will be determined by the type of hat selected. Second, the type of closures, construction and use (for warmth or look) is also important. Enjoy the selection!

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