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Illuminated Car Topper Specifications


Illuminated Car Toppers Built to Last
Disassembled Car Topper for Specifications

Buying car top signs is a cost of doing business. Having to continually replace those signs is a waste. When you buy this sign, you can have confidence in its longevity.

These illuminated car top signs feature:
• One-piece, molded construction for durability
• Durable polyethelene virtually eliminates breakage
• Aerodynamic design for maximum airflow efficiency
• Bright lighting system for unmatched visibility day and night
• U/V protected to resist fading and yellowing from sunlight
• Stainless steel hardwre that won't rust
• Neodymium rare earth magnets for maximum strength
• Soft-coated magnet pads prevent scrapes on vehicles
• Durable cords with extra insulation on wires and ABS plastic on plugs
• Optional rechargeable LED battery light system

These products are the highest quality, most reliable, internally-lit car top signs in the industry. We back that claim with a two-year structural damage guarantee. If your sign breaks, chips or cracks, we replace it free of charge.

Car Topper Sign Lock System
Car Topper Sign Lock

The Sign Lock system was create to stop car top sign loss. It's easy to use by just allowing the cord and Sign Lock ball to hang inside the car and then closing the car door on the cord. This prevents the car top sign from being stolen off the car.